Desperately Seeking How

When we are hungry enough, we will hunt. Not because we want to, but because we must. When it becomes a matter of survival, we won’t think twice about using your bow, to shoot our… Continue reading

What Are You Called to Be?

I began writing the of title of this piece as, “What Are You Called To Do?” but then quickly changed my mind. I think a great deal of weight is carried on our shoulders with the… Continue reading

You Are Only As good As Your Word

You choke on the words. They are still waiting to hear I’m not sorry. Tired of the line. Standing, repeating, I’m not ready. Digging in, digging deeper, it’s all the same when you… Continue reading

Don’t Have Mercy On Me

Don’t have mercy on me. Mercy is shown to those we want to see thrive. Who we want to strengthen; to show unselfish love. It is just another weapon, disguised to soothe the… Continue reading

What If I Told You, I KNOW?

There are some things you come to know in this life that are so big, so universe-altering, that you find yourself wishing somedays that you could go back to a time before you… Continue reading

I’d Rather Make A Poor Man’s Dollar Than A Rich Man’s Mistakes

I’d rather make a poor man’s dollar than a rich man’s mistakes. If money is supposed to lead to happiness, than why have I never been more content than in my most desperately… Continue reading

Driving Lessons

Life can take a sharp left turn around a blind curve in an instant. I have come to not only realize this, but to brace for it when I feel things begin to… Continue reading

Today Is The Day

The owls are hooting out my window again on this drizzly, dimly lit morning. The day must be trying to tell me something special to send my favorite visitors to serenade me with… Continue reading

I’m Better As a Memory

  If, when you look back, look back fondly. For I will be there waiting in your memories and in your dreams.   If, when you look back, do so mostly on our… Continue reading

I Want Them To Feel Me, Not Fear Me.

  How do we teach empathy? Is it even teachable? I recently said these words to my husband after an infuriating moment I had with one of our sons: I don’t want him to fear… Continue reading