Book Litter

Twenty days ago I put it out there. My words. My story. My past. A reflection of a life twenty years ago. One I barely recognize today. Did it take courage to put… Continue reading

The Most Important Workout You Will Ever Need To Feel Your Very Best: Summer is Coming!!!

  I am so proud of you. (huh?) I always knew you could do it. (what?) You deserve every¬†happiness you desire. (yeah..) I never gave up on you, and I never will. (really?)… Continue reading

So You Want To Borrow Money? What Left Me Lending My Soul Instead: A Window Into A Career That Consumed Me

Wake up. Open eyes. blink off the urge to drift back into the dreamland where I was sprawled out on a beach towel in the tropics somewhere, writing an email and looking into… Continue reading

Inspire Me By The Way You Believe. In You

Feeling Inspired. It has been a wild ride these past six months. Both personally, and professionally; which, well, is part of the ride I’ve been on, isn’t it? My professional life became my… Continue reading

What A Mother Sees

Sometimes life is not what we pictured it to be. Sometimes it’s better, when we step back and take in the whole, pieced together thing. There are days I feel like I am… Continue reading

My First Book Has Been Released! Please Check it Out!

Hello to my loyal readers. You come here for encouragement, solidarity, curiosity, habit perhaps, who knows why you come, but you do. And you keep coming. I am so eternally¬†grateful to each of… Continue reading

The Dark Days Are Over

Say these words. The dark days are over. That’s all it takes. Uttering five little words, speaking them out into the invisible air, just in front of your mouth and above your heart.… Continue reading

Stand Up

Life knocks you down. It knocks me down too. It comes out of nowhere and packs a punch, leaving us stunned and dizzy with confusion. It comes and sweeps our legs out from… Continue reading

Acknowledgement Matters

For Those We’ve Lost Along The Way

I miss the sound of everything. your voice, your smile, your feet walking across the floor, the mornings. I know its time to let you go. I miss the smell of everything. your… Continue reading