A Message To My Dad

Spicy, puffy eyes this morning. Mortified to walk into my still new office full of strangers wearing my hurt all over my face. No turning back now. The windows of this soul were… Continue reading

Life Is An Optical Illusion

This is my response to an exquisite writing prompt from a women’s writing group that I have recently joined and am honored to also be providing a weekly prompt contribution. Today I was… Continue reading

When It’s Time to Step Out On Stage

It is not a prerequisite of a meaningful purpose to have a history of bad experiences- only a future of good ones. You know when something happens in your life that is so… Continue reading

The Time I Went To The Store With Nothing And Came Out With Something I’d Forgotten All About

Nothingness. The harder I try the further it goes. When sometimes the faucet is turned all the way up and thoughts come flooding out, the tides turn and the well dries up, and… Continue reading

People Say the Darndest Things….

“Outstanding perspective.” “I couldn’t put it down excited for the next one in the series.” “Amazing insight from the perspective of someone who endured a childhood from hell.” “Once I started reading, I… Continue reading

To Everything I’ve Thrown Away: I Promise To Love You Now

Instead of tossing aside, tend to it. You loved it once, love it again. Love it more than you thought you ever could. Life is not disposable. Stop discarding what becomes tiresome. Everything… Continue reading

I Used To Steal Your Husbands: A View Of The World We Are Leaving To Them

I used to Steal Your Husbands And I didn’t care. I used to steal your boyfriends too. Your sons and uncles, friends and fathers. And I never thought twice about how you felt.… Continue reading

The Broken Teacher: Bullying From The One You’d Least Expect

Last week my second born, Monkey, came home from school deflated, again. I saw the pain in his eyes as he quietly told what had transpired. I listened as my heart grew heavy, and while he recounted his… Continue reading

Maya Angelou: One Of The Truest Friends To American Literature And To Hearts Everywhere

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. When you know better, you do better. The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them. I have clung… Continue reading

The Day You Gave Me

Thank you for bringing me here. Into this life of mine, my little universe that means everything to me. When I was little, my sister used to joke that I was adopted. I… Continue reading