You died While I Was Making Ponytails

You died while I was making ponytails. Not too tight, just the right amount of fine, wispy locks swept up in each. Perfect. Pretty as a picture. I never even knew you. Saturday… Continue reading

I Hate To See You Go, But I Don’t Believe You Anymore

I’ve written this piece to address the epidemic of social media-driven lives and the toll they have taken on the human spirit. When did the world convince us that we should compete for… Continue reading

Little Cars Make Me Crazy In Love

Walking into our hall bathroom tonight as I did my last round of mom pick-up throughout the house before calling it a night. Trying to remove the sticky fingerprints on the fridge, recalling… Continue reading

A Pretend Blogger Becomes A Real Freelance Writer

In a few short weeks it will mark a year since I first began this blog. What started after my Grandmother’s passing as a way for me to earnestly dribble my jumbled feelings… Continue reading

Be True To The Only Person Who Must Live With That Truth

Be who your heart knows you are, at any cost- at all costs. Be willing to do what’s in your heart. You will never regret it. Regardless of who or what tries to… Continue reading

Love is Weightless

Please don’t pop my balloon. Instead, I ask that you hold the string tied tightly to my heart and come along with me. Don’t pull me back down to earth, even when you… Continue reading

Will You Follow Me?

I feel like all to often we listen to outside sources, rather than ourselves about what this life should be and look like. We tell ourselves there will be time later to hear… Continue reading

Hope Floats

This piece is in honor of so many dear friends of mine who are currently in the fight of their lives. Struggles can try to drown you, they can often feel like they… Continue reading

What I Hope For Is What You Hope For

Hope. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for now. Hope for more. Hope for change. Hope for what doesn’t. Hope for what must. Hope keeps me alive. Hope keeps me going. Hope walks alongside me… Continue reading

IF I Could Just Find One More

If money was no object, what shape would your heart bleed into? If consequence was no matter, what desires would your heart discover? If judgement was no facade, what truths would your heart… Continue reading