Time is Running Out

Did you ever have a bigger than life dream when you were a kid? This is an actual page from ten year old me’s prized “Writer’s Notebook.” It was given to me as… Continue reading

Too Much of a Good Thing

Video on what’s Important This video is profoundly thought-provoking. Beautifully done, and an accurate depiction of what our lives are becoming in this digital age, its also a glimpse into what the lives of our children… Continue reading

Before You Fly Away

You know those teachable moments with your children, the sweet ones, like when they hold an apple seed in their hand and ask in that sweet innocent voice, “Mommy, if I keep this… Continue reading

Handwritten Texts

Handwritten Texts. This is so fantastic, and has inspired me with an idea for my family. I’d love to sit down with my husband and children and together brainstorm  a family mission statement with “rules” for… Continue reading

At the End

Long after our children are grown, we will still be asking ourselves whether we made the right choices for them, did the very best we could to make the moments count, and used… Continue reading

Walk With Me

When was the last time you sat through an entire dinner, car ride, movie… conversation with your kids without looking at your phone, or scrolling through your social media sites. What about sending… Continue reading

Keep Up

If I had to attach a single statement to the current generation of children we are raising- that would be it. Its the “keep up” generation. From keeping up in social media, to having the… Continue reading