Smoke and Mirrors

Credit: Reuters/Gary Cameron This morning something happened to me that I must share with you. It was frightening. It was an awakening. It was a message from my inner consciousness I am quite… Continue reading

The Quintessential Chuck Norris Post

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I could write a standard holiday/new year’s resolution blog post.  But, since my resolution this year is “WALK!!!” I figured it would be a short post.  In celebration of…

Negative Nancy and the House Mouse

Why is it that negative people are always so loud and obnoxious? Have you ever noticed that? Aren’t there any shy, reserved negative people? They are always the first in a room to burst… Continue reading

Where did I put my mittens? Mittens? Are you there?

I have never been one to make New Year resolutions. I don’t really get the point. So, even though my resolution to change my life; write more, think more, love more, listen more,… Continue reading

The tree where my mind grows: Inspired

Ever look around for inspiration? Maybe to be able to get up out of bed, or to make it one more day at your job, get to the weekend, get through a break-up,… Continue reading

Is Our Collective ADHD Really a New Thing?

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The experience of a new sense of paranoia, about our intellectual capacities, our attention spans, our abilities to concentrate, to retain. “I simply don’t seem to have…

The day the Music died

This is how I feel today. As if the music in my heart has died, or rather stopped, and I am not sure how to kick start it so it will start playing… Continue reading

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear..

Christmas eve’s eve. Here we are again. Togetherness. A time to set aside the hustle and bustle, the school and work schedules, and just be. As I sit here on this eve of… Continue reading

Tune In

It seems like everywhere I go, every place I turn these days, and ironically, that includes social media, the internet and TV, the hot topic seems to be about our overly-plugged in relationships… Continue reading

When You Can’t Go Home Anymore

I learned that my grandmother passed this week. When I first got the call, ok actually it was a text, I integrated the information into my always busy, on-the-go life. I was texting… Continue reading