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A Pretend Blogger Becomes A Real Freelance Writer

In a few short weeks it will mark a year since I first began this blog. What started after my Grandmother’s passing as a way for me to earnestly dribble my jumbled feelings… Continue reading

Hope Floats

This piece is in honor of so many dear friends of mine who are currently in the fight of their lives. Struggles can try to drown you, they can often feel like they… Continue reading

The Time I Went To The Store With Nothing And Came Out With Something I’d Forgotten All About

Nothingness. The harder I try the further it goes. When sometimes the faucet is turned all the way up and thoughts come flooding out, the tides turn and the well dries up, and… Continue reading

So You Want To Borrow Money? What Left Me Lending My Soul Instead: A Window Into A Career That Consumed Me

Wake up. Open eyes. blink off the urge to drift back into the dreamland where I was sprawled out on a beach towel in the tropics somewhere, writing an email and looking into… Continue reading

My First Book Has Been Released! Please Check it Out!

Hello to my loyal readers. You come here for encouragement, solidarity, curiosity, habit perhaps, who knows why you come, but you do. And you keep coming. I am so eternally grateful to each of… Continue reading

What If I Told You, I KNOW?

There are some things you come to know in this life that are so big, so universe-altering, that you find yourself wishing somedays that you could go back to a time before you… Continue reading

I’d Rather Make A Poor Man’s Dollar Than A Rich Man’s Mistakes

I’d rather make a poor man’s dollar than a rich man’s mistakes. If money is supposed to lead to happiness, than why have I never been more content than in my most desperately… Continue reading

I Want Them To Feel Me, Not Fear Me.

  How do we teach empathy? Is it even teachable? I recently said these words to my husband after an infuriating moment I had with one of our sons: I don’t want him to fear… Continue reading

I Am Here Right Now, See Me Before I’m Gone

Dear keeper of my heart, What if you woke one morning to find there was no toilet paper on the roll? What if you jumped out of the ice cold shower, teeth brushed… Continue reading

Who Will Remember What I Give Away?

Photo Credit Tony Bruguiere If I die tomorrow my family will miss me, my company will replace me. Its not all puppy dogs and kitty cats. – Husband, half of my heart. Sometimes… Continue reading