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Love is Weightless

Please don’t pop my balloon. Instead, I ask that you hold the string tied tightly to my heart and come along with me. Don’t pull me back down to earth, even when you… Continue reading

My First Book Has Been Released! Please Check it Out!

Hello to my loyal readers. You come here for encouragement, solidarity, curiosity, habit perhaps, who knows why you come, but you do. And you keep coming. I am so eternally grateful to each of… Continue reading

I Should Be Zac Brown’s Publicist

Gonna put the world away for a minute Pretend I don’t live in it Sunshine gonna wash my blues away. I’d love to be able to see inside the minds of some songwriters,… Continue reading

A Thank You To My Readers, I Have a Favor to Ask Because I Like You Owl Lot

Nobody at his funeral asked the number of fake-book friends he had, because every one standing there sobbing together already knew the answer. How many real friends a person truly has in life… Continue reading

Who Are You When I’m Not Looking?

  Just as the country song asks, who are you when I’m not looking? Many people wear different faces when they think nobody is looking. Especially, when they think those they love aren’t.… Continue reading

So what if I am Fat? I told her She was too.

You can’t take it with you. But my oh my, do we ever. We take the labels, the tags, the comments and the opinions. We take the jokes, the remarks, the innocent and intended as playful,… Continue reading

It’s the Climb that Makes the Man

There are many things that I love about watching my three sons grow. Recently, while at the indoor rock climbing gym near our home, I watched as they spent the afternoon climbing while using the… Continue reading

I Am Perfect, Why Aren’t You?

What ever follows I AM will come looking for you, because we become who we believe ourselves to be. As parents, our children first learn from us what words to put after I… Continue reading

Like Moths to a Flame, We all need Love

  Today of all days, this seems like a sensitive subject. Valentine’s day. Its the day of all things love. A celebration of this powerful force. Love makes the world go ’round. That… Continue reading

Decompression Period

De·com·pres·sionˌ dēkəmˈpreSHən/ noun a release of compressing forces, in particular. After having a heartfelt conversation the other night, reflecting on the past year, maybe the past couple of years, this word got brought… Continue reading