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So You Want To Borrow Money? What Left Me Lending My Soul Instead: A Window Into A Career That Consumed Me

Wake up. Open eyes. blink off the urge to drift back into the dreamland where I was sprawled out on a beach towel in the tropics somewhere, writing an email and looking into… Continue reading

My First Book Has Been Released! Please Check it Out!

Hello to my loyal readers. You come here for encouragement, solidarity, curiosity, habit perhaps, who knows why you come, but you do. And you keep coming. I am so eternally grateful to each of… Continue reading

I Want Them To Feel Me, Not Fear Me.

  How do we teach empathy? Is it even teachable? I recently said these words to my husband after an infuriating moment I had with one of our sons: I don’t want him to fear… Continue reading

The Top 6 Lies I’ve Ever Told About Myself

1.  I am a bad cook. This may have been the kind of lie that is so old, I honestly can’t figure out as time goes by, whether its the lie that gets… Continue reading

I didn’t want a girl.

Is her head really that big? That was my first thought when I saw her. After three sons, there came waltzing in, ok, maybe it was more like charging in; our sweet beautiful girl,… Continue reading

I’d like to thank the Academy…!

As I sit here typing, while dinner is burning cooking in the oven, and the darlings are fighting playing, I am awestruck to open my blog to find this wonderful notification from sweet… Continue reading

To Tickle your Listicle: 12 things that are socially acceptable now, that weren’t when we were kids

1. Text fights, text apologies. 2. Birthday greetings to everyone you’ve ever met. (No excuse for forgetting the grocery clerk’s birthday anymore.) Just be prepared to write a unique happy birthday greeting about… Continue reading

Negative Nancy and the House Mouse

Why is it that negative people are always so loud and obnoxious? Have you ever noticed that? Aren’t there any shy, reserved negative people? They are always the first in a room to burst… Continue reading

Where did I put my mittens? Mittens? Are you there?

I have never been one to make New Year resolutions. I don’t really get the point. So, even though my resolution to change my life; write more, think more, love more, listen more,… Continue reading