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I believe this plugged in world we live in has left us more fearful, angry, jealous, bitter, callous, and lonelier than ever. I am afraid for us, and for our children’s futures of growing up with these as the norm.

It’s time to get back to caring genuinely about each other, and about cultivating real relationships that extend beyond the shrinking and limited character box with that have minimized, marginalized and desensitized our relationships.

Use Things. Love People. Don’t Switch.”

I think that about sums up my life goals and what this blog is about. People matter, stuff; not so much. You will often see many sides of me in this blog.

Birdie// I Like You Owl (Sometimes light and funny stuff)

Version one. This blog contains musings of mine about parenting, life, relationships, how social media has confused us all, the digital world, and somehow, with a lot of finger pointing, cavalier social media updates, pinteresting, and photoshop; raising our children to be ‘real.’ in an age where trends move faster than a bullet. Perhaps most of all, this blog is a dialogue, a reflection and a manual about my struggle to find a new path in life to stumble down. Maybe just your typical mid 30’s, early mid-life crisis after some life-altering trauma, stressed out wife and mother stuff. Just play along.

Nest// Nurture your soul

Version two. When I was very little, my mother used to sing me a lullaby. About a mother owl soothing her little determined baby owl, who is frustrated with being young. He realizes he is not yet old enough to fly, but so desperately wants to see what’s beyond the safety of their withered lonely tree. He dreams of braving the night and flying freely in the moonlit sky, but his little wings and soul still need time to develop so he will be ready for what awaits him out in the black of night. His mother owl ever so wisely and gently helps him accept himself, his stage in life, and that the world will be there when he is ready for it- and once he is, he will be flying.

This lullaby has always resonated in my life, especially once I became a mother thirteen years ago. For the reality is, we only have our children as children for a short while, the rest of their lives they will, and must, fly on their own. My goals with this blog is to journey through parts of my own life as a mother, daughter, wife, woman, gen-xer, social media consumer, etc. Particularly, I hope this blog will act as a sounding board and idea place for how my readers and I can both learn to fly, and teach our young to fly steady and strong.

Perch// The Cause

The world has tried to tell us we are all just a part of a mindless flock- without individual direction or purpose. Rather, I believe we should each fly confidently and courageously with strong wings and strong heart. There needs to be a balance, a pendulum swing, back from the rapid delivery of information, bandwagon views, instant, fleeting interactions, constant look at me noise, and a rising disconnected way of interacting with each other. If left as is we will continue to see the eroding of the human condition. How do we rise above the hum of our wired world to fly freely as individuals? How do we impart the value of connectivity without compromising, numbing and drowning out, real human emotions? That is what this blog will explore. Please follow and join in the cause with me.

Flight// Find more in the clouds (Reblogs,links, guest posts)

I welcome comments, thoughts, opinions on any post. Good or bad, say what you wish. We all have something worthwhile to sayand I will happily reciprocate with thoughtful commentary in your space. I ask that all comments are made respectfully, even if in disagreement, which is always welcome by me. I have a right to moderate my blog contents and comment section as I deem necessary. I do hope you will join me and share. Welcome!

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