It’s A Good Friday kind of Love

It’s Good Friday. In fact, it’s been a Good week. I’ve been lucky, no, I’ve been blessed with some incredible, meaningful lessons brought to me this week by the universe in the form of some seriously good conversations.


I had a good conversation on Monday with my first husband. One of those rare, heartfelt, get to the heart of it conversations. It was about love, and relationships, and getting it all wrong… and what it takes to get it all right. It was about compassion, friendship, love, not compromising yourself for anyone, and the importance of sustained effort. And it was a silent acknowledgement that together we have shared all of these. It was one of those milestone conversations one has with an ex-spouse, if your lucky blessed enough to have it, that makes you feel more loved, more whole, more grateful by the end of it for how this messy life falls together.
On Wednesday I had a good conversation with a long-time friend about careers, family, balance and priorities. One of those rare, heartfelt, get to the heart of it conversations. It was about doing what you love, and still loving how you live. It was about finding time for what really matters without losing yourself. It was about success and drive, and living with regrets of time lost between two worlds. It was about how days are long, but years are short and why if given a chance to do it all over, would climbing a ladder be worth losing sight of the moments that pass by in a blink. It was about agonizing over every decision being the right one, and the right one for whom. It was about pleasing everyone, but yourself. It was one of those conversations you wish you could have with all your dearest friends, instead of the usual surface cliches that friends fall into talking about. It was about the real.
I had two good conversations on Thursday.
The first was with my oldest sons. One a sweet, tenderhearted but confident natural born leader, who thrives on the acceptance and accolades of his peers and the world stage he sees himself front and center on, and spares no expense to prove he is worth the show. The other, an equally confident, march-to-the beat-of-his-own-drum, the world better catch up if they want to see what he’s got planned and if it doesn’t embrace him for exactly who he is, it’s the world’s loss; a pure individual. One of those rare, heartfelt, get to the heart of it conversations about how to handle life’s rejections, puppy love, real love, friendships, strengths and weaknesses and how everyone has both; how mean hurts worse than being punched, how cruelty is a weapon of the weak, and how the only control we have in some situations is how we choose to react. It was about being kind above all, even and especially to those who don’t deserve it. It was about never forgetting your mother will have your back no matter how old or how cool you become. And there is no “meaner girl” than a mama bear showing her teeth while typing with her claws out.
The second good conversation on Thursday was with my husband. After a long day. After a long week. After an even longer year. One of those rare, heartfelt, get to the heart of it conversations. On what it takes to maintain balance. Keep it all going, make it all right. It was about love and effort, and sacrifice and hard work. It was about how best friends read each other’s thoughts by the touch of their hand. It was about tenderness and making it count, and about true understanding. It was one of those precious conversations about life and love and the importance of a union that doesn’t compromise individuality. It was about checking in, taking stock, counting blessings, mending fences and appreciating that without mutual sustained effort, a marriage becomes just two ships passing each other by in the same port. It was about gratitude for having a soul mate who understands me in an indescribable way. It was about living every moment of this life we are given, without grudges, because it can all change in an instant. It was about a life falling together with love to catch us being better than anything we could have ever built apart.
Today is a Good Friday. I encourage you to start your own conversations with someone you care about changing for the better. I am forever grateful for every second of this life I’ve been given, especially this week. For good friends, good children, good loves. No matter your faith, let’s make this Friday really good. Take the time to heal someone’s heart. Mend a fence, encourage, understand, stand up, listen.

Show someone you love them. That’s all anybody wants. And hey, it’s a really, really good way to start a conversation on this weekend, which happens to represent the biggest love ever shown.
My words of love for you- Remember, if you ever feel like you’ve been lapped, ask yourself whose race you’re running.