2015 Let’s #flytogether

Nearly 16,000. That is how many times my words were read this year. There are almost no words to express what that means to me. But you know I’ll try ūüėČ

I began writing this blog just over a year ago, not sure of what to say, but more sure than I had ever been that I must. say.¬†something. That my heart had something it was longing to let out.¬†I suppose that’s what happens to a soul after it’s been broken. It cries out to tell its story, hopeful that the very uttering of the words will somehow piece it back together.

Over the course of the last 12 months I’ve learned that in fact, I had plenty to say. Some of it went unnoticed. Some of it sparked a wildfire. All of it healed me. With each blog entry I felt the pieces become whole again.

I want to use this very last post of this year to express my deepest and heartfelt thanks to every single pair of eyes that took the time to read my thoughts, to hear my soul, to share yours, and to help piece mine back together. I have never felt so small in this big world, but surrounded by an even bigger love. With each passing month and with the growing feedback that there are so many others who have felt just like me, my heart continues to be ignited. And I am inspired to continue sharing my stories with you here.¬†After this emotional year’s blogging journey from the depths of a pain that felt like mine alone, I am surer of one thing than I have ever been- we are all connected in this life.

I am moving into this next year with new eyes. I want to see beauty in the real. I want to connect with those I love in this life face to face. breath to breath every chance I get. I want to continue to construct a life, not a profile. I want to hear your stories. Thank you to each of you for being a part of mine.

I promise to continue to give you the real me with every word I write. I promise myself to see the real in every situation. To look behind the hidden, the hurt or the ashamed, and find the real in each moment. When I see a heart I can help piece back together with my love, encouragement and support, I want to say that I can because my own is overflowing from the love I’ve received here and it’s my goal to pay it forward.

If you want to make this next year the beginning of an unforgettable life, I’d encourage you to step out with me and try living these simple steps. They are guaranteed to lead you to somewhere amazing:

Live vulnerably. Don’t hide behind fear.¬†To fulfill your dreams remember: if you’re afraid, do it anyway.

Find the gratitude in every situation. Gratitude is the truest form of vulnerability. Learn to accept and trust it.

Give first. Ask second. Receive last. Understanding this order will make your life richer than you could ever imagine.

This 2015, as you give these a try and watch your life begin to change, I’d love to hear your stories. Share them with the YSBF community by tagging #flytogether in your own posts.

Let’s create something important this year; a network of real stories that have the power to uplift and connect each other.