Tis’ the season… to shop Nashelle Designs!

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For most of my readers, you know that I don’t flippantly endorse just anything or anyone. For me to really get behind something, I have to personally believe in it.  I want to share with you a truly incredible company.

My dear friend Heather founded Nashelle Designs fifteeen years ago, a jewelry company that prides itself on changing lives while handcrafting beautiful jewelry, which just happens to be sold throughout the world and is featured in several very well-known department stores, boutiques and in all the hot magazines, being worn by very famous folks. With that said, I want to pass along some exciting news. My readers can now get 10% off every regularly-priced item purchased online at Nashelle.com by using the promo code YOULLSOONBEFLYING

I am super excited to be sharing this with all of you. I personally have worn original Nashelle jewelry for years, and get compliments literally everywhere I go. I’ve even done a little modeling for Nashelle, though I think they were just being kind to let me play dress up! But what means even more to me than the beauty of the pieces Nashelle creates, is their mission: Fashion Feeding Hunger. For each item sold, it represents one plate of food donated to feed the hungry across the country. How many other American companies in the fashion and beauty industry do you know who are concerned with feeding and giving back to America, not just accessorizing it? Nashelle Designs has successfully achieved the status of doing both. me 3

My good friend Heather Nashelle, has devoted the past 15 years to creating gorgeous, unique personalized jewelry, while staying focused on how her products can impact this world for good. In fact, one of her famous quotes is “be the change.” She has inspired her local and global community by giving back in countless ways. She runs anti-bully campaigns creating fantastic statement jewelry for parents and children alike, she sponsors courageous women in her local area going through cancer treatments, by honoring them with the creation of their very own statement identity necklace, which are sold with 100% of the net profits going to their medical expenses.Nashelle is well known for their “pay it forward” bracelets reminding us all to spread kindness. There is even a “hope” necklace raising awareness for breast cancer, and of course, at the heart of Nashelle’s mission, my friend Heather has continued to donate food to those who need it most with every single purchase, no exceptions.

I also want to mention how this giving soul, with her talent for designing jewelry, has single-handedly created American jobs when it would have been just as easy to outsource them. How she has been an ambassador for loving people and has changed countless lives… all through her dedication, passion and talent for creating beauty. Let me say it again, I am so honored to call her a friend.

The woman behind Nashelle Designs simply put, is amazing… and has a true heart of gold.  Her company is a direct reflection of her bright light. The commitment to using her continued success for good is exactly what this world needs more of. Putting people before profit, that’s a rare thing this day and age, and it is just one of the reasons her brand has continued to have staying power in an industry often condemned for perpetuating the superficial. Nashelle Designs is the real deal, in everything it stands for. It’s doing something good, and actually being the change.  And whether this sounds cheesy or not, I feel like I am a small part of spreading that good every time I wear this jewelry, because every time someone asks me where I got such a pretty necklace, bracelet or earrings I smile and tell them about my amazing friend Heather.

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How often can we wear something that actually stands for making the world better? If you want to check out this incredible company and get yourself or someone you care about a piece of jewelry that stands for more, then go here. Don’t forget to use the promo code YOULLSOONBEFLYING for your very own 10% discount!

With love,