A Pretend Blogger Becomes A Real Freelance Writer

In a few short weeks it will mark a year since I first began this blog. What started after my Grandmother’s passing as a way for me to earnestly dribble my jumbled feelings out one word at a time, as a means to reflect on her amazing life in contrast to my own that was at the time in shattered pieces; somehow evolved into something of a nozzle turned up full force as I poured out those many pieces of my heart. I ventured into every dark corner, every bright spot, and many of the pivotal moments I’ve endured as a mother, daughter, wife, failed wife, sister, jaded professional, and honest-seeking soul searcher. I needed some clarity, some direction, some answers. Often, as I’ve discovered, if we persist in our pursuits, we may find we had within us what we were searching for all along.
Today is my Grandfather’s 88th birthday. His most famous quote, which I finally found buried deep down and promptly dusted off this past year is simply, “Never give up.”

Admittedly, I started this blog to share my deepest and most raw thoughts; my feelings I’d kept mostly tucked away up until that first post when I hit “publish.” But still, initially I felt like even though I have been writing my whole life, this blog would still be perceived as my attempt at pretending to be a writer. And so I disregarded the idea of anything more ever coming of it. I thought maybe at most I would come back and re-read it all one day, or that perhaps my kids at least might someday enjoy reading the ramblings of their mother. I was sure nobody else ever would. Who else would value my floodgates of honest emotion?

What has emerged from this blog is something much more. A connection. I believe the writer in my soul needed a reason to surface; and you, my reader, by some twist of fate, continued to mosey over here wondering what this oddly stark-naked soul bleeder would confess next. Something special had been born. The overwhelming majority of feedback for You’ll Soon Be Flying has been commending me on my courage and strength to bare my soul so authentically. I realized that with each post as I reveal a piece of myself, I move someone out there reading along, to reveal a piece of themselves. As the fear of feeling exposed melted away, courage took over.

The worst that could happen on this unexpected odyssey? Nobody would read any of this. I decided early on that was ok by me. And that changed everything. I came to accept that I was not turning my heart inside out, exposing all of the etchings left there by a somewhat tattered yet ordinary life, for any other than my own eyes to read as the emotions and scars poured out onto the pages here. That decision freed me and the honesty flowed easily. What I hadn’t expected was how many of those etchings also belong to other hearts across the world. So many of you recognize these marks I’ve written about as your own. And I suppose that is why so many continue to return to these pages over this past year- to learn what will be revealed next, and acknowledge without judgement, that you can relate. It’s amazing what happens when we allow our hearts to do the talking.

This blog became a community discovery of exposing the contents of the heart honestly and vulnerably. And that worst thing never happened. In fact, quite the opposite. Many more of you found this little blog than I would have ever imagined. From corners of the earth I can’t even pronounce. Tens of thousands of hearts have come together. Here at You’ll Soon Be Flying we have found other voices of harmony- and we’ve sang in unison, together.

I have learned so much about you, my loyal readers. I have learned your stories as you have learned mine. I have seen beneath your profiles and facades. I am humbled by your trust. Really seeing inside your hearts as you’ve seen inside mine has enriched my life and shown me that people can be good and kind more than they can be callous and superficial. Although, I have learned they can be that too. And I’ve learned that’s ok. Those people just aren’t quite there yet. They have not yet allowed their hearts to fly to place where they can feel free. All of us simply want to be heard, and we know our honesty will be received here and I believe this is why we keep returning.

As I have watched the numbers of followers grow, I wanted to give back to you, the readers who hear me. So over the course of this year I began turning this very personal blog into a mission to inspire. I’ve been using the blog’s Facebook page primarily as an inspirational quote of the day “soul d’oeuvres.” A place where you can enjoy a tidbit from the blog, and choose to spread the love it was created with by passing it along. As time and circumstance has unfolded during these last 12 months, I realized something profound. I’d rather continue sharing words of genuine encouragement than ever return to living a life that is artificial. I just cannot spill words for the sake of self-satisfaction when a responsibility to do and be more with my gifts had emerged. Simply, I decided that I must use this most unexpected platform to connect and inspire as many hearts as I can; to search within themselves to find their passion and to be their best and truest selves.

Since my way of connecting to this world has always been through my writing, this blog has made me see that writing is not just my
hobby, my outlet; it is my purpose. Many of you have come to me over the last several months asking for my help to find the right words from your hearts in your own circumstances. I am continually so honored by these requests. While I cannot possibly speak the actual words of your heart, I can continue to encourage you to find them for yourself by offering my translation. And a year later, this is my clear mission for this blog and for my life.

So today I am sharing with you my next step. The path before me is clear: to continue to use my writing to spread love and keep connecting hearts. I am opening up my professional services as a blogger, writer, author and freelancer to you. I had been reluctant to share with you here that I freelance for hire because I was afraid that admission might be met with some ugliness or worse, defeat. I was fearful that I would be told I am not good enough to earn something in return for my writing. I was believing my own doubts that I was not worth more than the label of pretend writer. But the truth is we all are worth what we desire. My simple blog has turned into a focused passion to inspire others. And so inspire I must. And as I have begun writing words for others, I have continued to find my own voice. I truly believe that if we all continue to speak YSBF’s mission of “unplugged honesty” into this “wired world” we truly can “reconnect our hearts.” So I have set out to speak for others who want to use my voice to relay their message. I am saying to you, I am a real writer.

Freelancing has been a wonderfully rewarding experience. I am hopeful it will continue to open even more doors that I am meant to walk through. So today I am sharing with you here that I welcome any professional opportunities you might have or know of for me to collaborate and/or help others with their message. Have something you need help on? Drop me a line. Have an ongoing project? An idea? You know how to find me. I welcome you to reach out. My freelance rates are individual by project, and available via email. I would love to discuss your plans or help you devise one. It is my utmost goal to be fair, uplifting, and to use my writing skills to help others express their message authentically. I can happily supply a sampling of my published work from companies and individuals I have worked with. The scope and range of my portfolio is varied, so if you have something in mind, don’t be shy about asking. If you want a more in-depth history of my professional experience and background, just ask– or read my About Me page.

I encourage all of you my dear readers to follow your dreams, even if you aren’t quite sure what they are at first. Start for you and only you. Take steps that feel right and that do good. That is how you will know it’s the right path to take. If you live for others, eventually they will make you forget what you are living for. But if you live for yourself, you can be assured that others will take notice and be encouraged to do the same. We all have gifts. Use yours. Use them to inspire others to use theirs. Keep our hearts connecting.

Thank you for reading. Every single eye that has come across this blog and read my heartfelt words holds a place in my heart and encourages me to keep going on this journey. Cheers to us and to this next year of unexpected paths.

Opportunity is the gift of gratitude.
I am forever grateful that each of you has found me here.