Love is Weightless

Please don’t pop my balloon.
Instead, I ask that you hold the string tied tightly to my heart and come along with me.

Don’t pull me back down to earth, even when you think I’m too far out of reach.

Instead, I ask that you gently carry my string with you, letting me lead and letting me follow, so I can bounce amongst the clouds.

Please help guide my way, while I live in my dreams, by keeping me forever connected to the ground, and forever a part of you.

Please don’t dim my light just because it may cast a bigger shadow than yours, or because it may illuminate your own shadows.

For if you feel out-shined, maybe it’s time to beam a little brighter too.

Stepping out of the shade is the only way to fully soak in the glow of light from every angle, and see how brightly you shine too.


Please don’t forget to say you love me, and tell me with your heart. Your lips can say a thousand words, but only your heart has the words I need to keep me going.

So if you must say just one thing to me today, please let your heart do all the talking.

The days are busy and words escape from our lips without consequence, but escape from our heart with one purpose.

Let that be the purpose of your heart today.

Please don’t pop my balloon.


Photo Credit Jenny Bennett