Will You Follow Me?

I feel like all to often we listen to outside sources, rather than ourselves about what this life should be and look like. We tell ourselves there will be time later to hear the call of our heart, but right now we must follow a path laid out by life. This piece is about those times you’re walking and there’s a tug as if you’ve left something behind. Perhaps you have.

We should all follow our hearts a little more. That tiny voice is just waiting to be heard amidst the noise. It’s been gently tugging you towards the direction you are meant to go, but cannot lead you there until you choose to follow.

Will you follow me to all the places in my dreams?

To all the chances of my hopes?

With all the promise before my path?

Will you follow me?

This is what my heart whispers.
Every time that I feel lost, my heart shows me that there’s more within.

So I will follow you. With tucked away wishes, I will release them out into the wind to chase and dance along beside you.

I will follow you. And bring my deepest desires to set them free like the birds with a fate to roam in the way you lead me.

I will follow you, my heart.
Who knows the road far better than I. Who carries our compass and guides our course.

I will follow you my heart. To explore everything you already know we are meant to find.

I will follow you to everywhere, because I know you will lead me to exactly where I am supposed to be. And my heart will finally be full.