Hope Floats

This piece is in honor of so many dear friends of mine who are currently in the fight of their lives. Struggles can try to drown you, they can often feel like they are, but survival is a choice. Take heart, my friends. We see you. Keep reaching up.

With much love,

If sinking I must,
Down down down
to the darkness where there is no one else to watch me fall-

Then sink I will.

But if in the darkness of the lost, I am seen,
Once, just once,
from the glimmer of hope piercing out my eyes into the sea of nothingness,
ceaselessly mapping my way back to the surface under the weighted veil,
by even one who vigilantly keeps watch over the sea’s lost treasures-

Then I have a chance.

Through the blackness as I plummet further still,
attached by laden anchor to a fate I still refuse,
Fight, must fight,
If I flail my arms with hope, and claw my way through the thick abyss,
towards the keeper of the sea,

If I follow every slice of light,
towards the moon above the black-

Then sink I won’t.
Then sink I musn’t
Then sink I’ll conquer.

Refuse to sink. Find the reason.
Use every breath to fight.