Life Is An Optical Illusion

This is my response to an exquisite writing prompt from a women’s writing group that I have recently joined and am honored to also be providing a weekly prompt contribution. Today I was challenged by a fellow writer to look at this image of the dog to,

“Consider your perceptions. I invite you to identify the places where you are completely stuck in one area and can’t seem to shift your focus.”

This is such a powerful challenge for all of us, it was just too good not to share for you here. She goes on to ask,

“Can you spot the “master” in this photo and open the spaciousness within your perception to discover the master plan in your life? What are the optical illusions in my life that are keeping me stuck? If life looks to linear, too literal, how can I shift my focus from what I see to what I dare to dream?”

Now I challenge each of you, my readers, to have a look for yourselves and consider what prevents you or perhaps holds you back from seeing the bigger picture in your lives.
Below is my response.

I found the “master” quickly, much quicker than I initially believed I would and even though I was first afraid of not finding him at all. I told my mind to relax through the panic and the embarrassment that tried to creep up into my throat and squeeze my mind with all of the “what ifs” of not being able to see beyond my “dog self”, of admitting to myself and to all of you here that quite possibly I am stuck in one perception of life, unable to shift, to transform my thoughts, and thus control my own power. And so without thought, but relying more on instinct, I commanded my lungs to breathe deeply, calmed my inner voice of initial fear, and much like a master to a dog I told myself that I was capable and that I just needed to trust.. in myself. Once I allowed that thought to take shape and I received the feeling of confidence and restored faith, my breathing almost instantly felt calmer, and I felt empowered. I instinctively knew what I had to do.

As a child, my mind grappled with problems much like the visual illusions I found in the puffy white clouds passing quickly over the desert sky; by lying on my back in the grass and looking at them upside down. I would imagine characters in the sky that took different shapes as they moved rapidly. And as the clouds moved, the characters and what I saw molded into different perceptions. It was an exciting game to try and catch an entire scene I had created before it morphed into something entirely different. And as I recalled those memories, I knew what I had to do. Without any further hesitation, I flipped the photo upside down and let my mind “roam freely off leash” -one of my most favorite expressions of creative release; and almost instantly I saw clearly the entire picture of my life and of the image before me. A dog and his master. One in the same.

I begin a new career today. In just a few short hours, my life forever changes. I am both excited and fearful of all of the unknowns, the unseens. I needed to shift my thinking, tilt my perspective today. I needed to be reminded of my childhood game of seeing what I need to see by expanding my perception and allowing my mind to wander.

Life is a beautiful mosaic, an optical illusion, meant to unfold with many layers hiding in plain sight once our mind is willing and open to see. Thank you for such a precious and powerful gift today.