People Say the Darndest Things….

Outstanding perspective.”

“I couldn’t put it down excited for the next one in the series.”

Amazing insight from the perspective of someone who endured a childhood from hell.”

“Once I started reading, I found it hard to stop!”

Raw emotion preserved in time ”




“The author has a wonderful way with her words, a rhythm within the story that makes the words fly by.”

“This is a story written from the heart.”

“Very inspiring to read.”

“I couldn’t put it down excited for the next one in the series.”

“This is a beautiful story.”

“I found myself wanting to reach into the story and make everything ‘ok’ for the two girls.”

A must read.”

Intriguing, powerful, and heartbreaking all at once. Will make you stand and take notice of the faces around you.”

“Truth is always stranger than fiction, this story delivers.”

Amazing emotional read.”

“I felt all of the author’s emotions as a girl growing up with a mentally ill mother and applaud her bravery.”

Shockingly, refreshingly, brutally honest in a way that makes a reader want to dive in and protect the protagonist.”

“Paints a picture of survival to the greatest degree.”

“This book is going to help some of those souls break free, speak out…heal.”

“Such an awesome book and I can’t wait for more.”

“A page-turner from beginning to end.”

Intriguing. An interesting and bold view of mental illness through the eyes of a child.”

“it’s hard to get past that this is the author’s first book. Her talent with words is unbelievable.”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about the girls and wondering when they were going to be ok.”


First let me say that in no way did I bribe, coerce or otherwise offer favors of any kind in exchange for these stellar reviews of my first book,

My Haunted House: The Crazy Within.  Let me just say that I am beyond shocked, incredibly slayed, and utterly bowled over that so many people have read my story, and that it has received nothing but glowing reviews.  If you haven’t picked up your copy yet (downloadable to the free Kindle App to ANY device) then I think you should listen to a few of these kind folks above and nab it while it’s still on sale through the end of this weekend.  99 cents. That’s less than what’s in my dryer right now. But what do I know…WORD OF MOUTH

I also want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to my loyal readers.  My readership here at YSBF seems to just keep growing. I couldn’t be happier to find more of you here with me. You each have helped spread my heartfelt message by purchasing and sharing my book, and by supporting me with your encouraging words through my journey. It has been a dream come true to share my soul with you.

Book number 2 in the series, The Darkest Dawn is in the works.

I would love nothing more than to be picked up by a publisher and have agent representation to complete the rest of this series. And so,  with a huge leap of blind faith in humanity and the power of positivity, I am writing that down for you all to see, and to put it out there into the universe. You never know.

Until then, I will keep writing what my heart tells me I should and we will both see where it takes us.

Much love,