The Most Important Workout You Will Ever Need To Feel Your Very Best: Summer is Coming!!!


I am so proud of you. (huh?)

I always knew you could do it. (what?)

You deserve every happiness you desire. (yeah..)

I never gave up on you, and I never will. (really?)

I believe you can do something great today. (wow!)

Why can’t we speak these words more often? We may think them, but that is not always enough. Sure, there are many confident people in this life who already believe in themselves, they speak these words in their hearts easily and they truly mean every syllable, by living them. But there are so many more people who question these words, from others or themselves. They doubt the sincerity of their hearts, every time it tries to tell them,

You can do this because I believe in you and you are worth it.

Many hearts are born into this world who will never hear these words at all. Many more are born to forget them, and many still, let them fade under the cruelty of time and circumstance. It becomes easier for hearts to grow quiet and weak when uglier words come to silence and question. If you are someone who has ever doubted yourself, your abilities, your potential, or even your worth; what would it take to listen to your heart the next time it tries to speak up? What about the next time someone else’s broken heart tries to convince yours that being broken is contagious? What will you do then? I am tired of  watching the broken hearts in the world defeat the hopeful ones. Every one is trying. Every heart wants to sing with acknowledgement. And every heart has experienced a time when it’s been shamed into silence.

Seems to me, this silencing of each other, of ourselves, has become an epidemic worse than any heart disease, maybe any disease, out there today. Regardless of where you live on this earth, contaminated hearts are there, they are everywhere- ready to attack. Sad, lost, angry and discouraged, broken hearts; who have stopped trying to convince themselves, because they have given up- that they are worth something better. And the epidemic spreads when those damaged hearts decided to spend what they have left on trying to convince every other heart that they are broken too.

I have a suggestion. An antidote. It may sound silly, and that may be precisely part of the problem, but why not at least give it a try? Let’s start with this. Everyone loves a good quick fix right? A magic set of reps, a simple system, that if done for thirty days or so in succession, the results will be miraculous. Beach-body ready for the soul if you will. I mean, how can you resist that offer?!

Before the day begins, and you are met with every reason to doubt it, tell yourself the following words. Begin every morning for the next thirty with these words, just after you open your eyes and before you rise. Say them once you are fully awake, lying there and aware of the fact that you are still alive because you can feel your heart beating ready to work its hardest for you:

I am so proud of you.

I always knew you could do it.

You deserve every happiness you desire.

I never gave up on you, and I never will.

I believe you can do something great today because you are great.

Say them until they are so attached to your heart, they feel as natural as breathing. Its an exercise worth more than any fitness program, and twice as easy to maintain. The beautiful part? Any one can do it. There are no health or past limitations, no heart restrictions. This is how a broken, or at least very badly sprained heart becomes whole again, and how a weak one grows stronger. It is especially for any heart that is out of practice and out of shape in saying these words. Saying these five sentences every day and meaning them, this is how we can all become our best versions. Strong from the inside out and radiating that strength from our real core, which has nothing to do with our abs. But don’t stop there. This is just the beginning of your day after all. Next, I challenge you to go out into the day, with your refreshed and renewed daily heart workout, and make these words true. Flex and flaunt it!

Get out of bed each day with this purpose: To find people around you, every single day, to simply say, I’m really proud of you. You deserve every happiness you desire.


That’s not as hard as you thought right? Tell someone you know and love, or someone who might not expect to hear this, perhaps especially from you. Maybe that person is a spouse, a child, a co-worker, a friend, an enemy, a person you admire, a stranger you see, a person who thinks you don’t see. Share these words you are strengthening your own heart with, and put them in someone else’s. Perhaps it will feel silly at first, but perhaps that is the whole point. No pain, no gain- ok, maybe its not painful. But it might feel vulnerable, and isn’t vulnerability painful, or at least uncomfortable? Especially at first?  How will this person react? It doesn’t matter. Do it anyway. Say these words at least once every single day to someone else. This may be the first time their heart hears them, on that given day or maybe ever, and it may change something inside of them permanently. Their heart may come alive, and the world may follow.

Because they tell someone else. That is all it takes. Someone to take the time to notice our hearts. To encourage us. To say, hey I see your heart, and it has the potential to be exceptional, since after all, it started out that way.

I have never been much for working out alone. The accountability factor just isn’t there. So, this letter is intended to have all of you hold me accountable. Share it if you believe in me, but more importantly, if you believe in yourself and want to be held accountable too. I can transform my life, my heart, with a simple, full-proof, gimmick-free series of words strung together every day. I will start with myself, and end with you.

Every day. Try it for thirty, keep it for life. Its free and it’s yours, satisfaction guaranteed!

This is an exercise, or rather, it’s a lifestyle change worth committing to, because your heart is worth it.  Because you are completely worth it. So do something great today by telling someone how proud you are of them. I know you can do it.

You deserve every happiness you desire, and happiness starts with believing in yourself- believing you can change something as significant as an entire day, an entire heart, an entire life; just by reaching out with what you already possess in your own. Get to work. Tell someone they are worth it, and strengthen the most important muscle you have. We all have greatness within us. I am so proud of you.