The Dark Days Are Over


Say these words.
The dark days are over.

That’s all it takes. Uttering five little words, speaking them out into the invisible air, just in front of your mouth and above your heart. Once these syllables, letters and sounds are released into the atmosphere holding us firmly to the ground, they immediately begin to float out and upwards, disintegrating into particles so minuscule it’s as if they might have disappeared from existence, but they have actually done so much more. These five little words exhaled into the universe around us become a part of the very air we will breathe in upon our next inhale, and then every breath thereafter.

They become the truth, our truth, with simply our will to create them. Thoughts become words, and then action, and finally purpose, when they are transferred from our mind, to our heart, to our voice, to our world.

If the world seems like its showing you something other than what you want, what you can handle, what you believe, what you need- speak these five little words and change it. That’s all it takes. The air we breathe belongs to all of us and none of us. So do the hours that are made from the air, and the days, and the years. It all starts with an exhale. All of it is ours to fill and ours to shape with just our thoughts that become our words. Its ours to change.

What if, we spoke of what we wanted? What we needed? What we cared about? What we felt, instead of what we accepted? What if we spoke into existence what our hearts believe instead of what our world tells us? What does the air look like around you? You have the power to make it beautiful. To make it cleaner, brighter, clearer, full of purpose. With every word spoken out into the air, the atmosphere changes just a little bit.

Thoughts do not have the same power on their own, they need to become words. Because words will go to work. That is what they must do just as gravity must keep us grounded. They will scatter into the air and out into the world and attach to action, to find their purpose. What words are you speaking? What action is the result of the words you exhale?

The purpose of air, of course, is to stay alive- to feel alive, to be alive. If our thoughts show our words where to go into the universe, then they are really showing us how to feel alive. If we can accept this, then we accept that our words could also suffocate us, suffocate each other. They can cause us to choke and gasp, to feel like there are not enough breaths left to take to inhale the right purpose, the best air, to keep really living and to keep our hearts beating.

So let’s be careful with our words. Let’s use our thoughts to guide them from our mouths and out into our surrounding climate to find a greater purpose within this invisible space that is life. Let’s admit that our perspective is our power. Let’s use our words to fill the nothingness around us with heartfelt intention. To create a positive atmosphere, even when the air we inhale feels thick and heavy with negativity. When discouragement feels overwhelming. When gravity begins to feel like its no longer holding us to the ground, but is pushing down with the weight of the world. When our heart feels like its run out of what it needs most to stay alive, to feel alive. That’s when the purpose of five little words can show us there is a way to breathe again.

We each have the power to change everything in the universe with just five little words. To change the years, the days, the hours, the breaths- the purpose. It all begins with the words we put forth that fill the air just in front of us, and all around us. And either makes us feel alive or lost. If ever you need the reminder, the encouragement, that you control everything and nothing, just utter these five little words.

The dark days are over.

Watch how they change you. Watch how they change your very next breath. Watch how the world gets a little bit lighter. Now breathe it in.

Photo Credit: Jenny Bennett