Stand Up

Life knocks you down. It knocks me down too. It comes out of nowhere and packs a punch, leaving us stunned and dizzy with confusion. It comes and sweeps our legs out from under us, crumpled on the ground feeling powerless, defeated, jinxed. In these times we can feel hopeless. What can be done?

Just Reach Out.

Reach down, and help your neighbor up.

Reach up, to the hand held out to you.

Life is going to knock us all down. It’s just part of its job. And when it does, it’s teaching us something about its greatest kept secret. About the all-purpose tool, that outlasts every situation and withstands every pressure test.


Kindness has the strength to lift us back to our feet. The love and encouragement of others carries more strength, than all the hatred in the world can hold down. There is nothing too heavy, no force too powerful; that can keep kindness from lifting even the heaviest burdens from the rubble piled on top of us in our weakest, darkest moments.

Life won’t ever seem fair down there on the ground. When we’ve been knocked out cold by the despair, loss, pain, turmoil- the inequities of this oftentimes cruelly deceiving life. But don’t get stuck down there in the pit and the wreckage. Look for kindness to pull you back up and show you that you have a way out, that we all have a way out. It’s there. Within you, and within reach.

Thank you to all of you who join me here and show me everyday what it looks like to get back up. You inspire me.