For Those We’ve Lost Along The Way

I miss the sound of everything.

your voice, your smile, your feet walking across the floor, the mornings.

I know its time to let you go.

I miss the smell of everything.

your hair, your clothes, your room, the rain.

I know its time to set you free, so I will try to miss you less.

I won’t think about your whispers, you sleeping, your embrace, you making it seem ok, the sunsets.

I miss waiting for the day it was time to go. I miss wondering when I would stop missing you. I miss it all.

I wanted to miss you for as long as I could. Now I must miss you while I still can. I will miss you to the moon.

I miss seeing the moon with you.

Be free, my memories of you. Be free. So I can find them again somewhere in my dreams where I don’t miss you.


Letting go can be hard to do.

Letting go of someone you love can be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. Sometimes it must be done. Sometimes its the only thing to do. Sometimes, that only thing makes you miss them more. Sometimes missing someone you love is all you are ever supposed to have left of them. Life can be so unfair sometimes. Missing with your whole heart evens the score a little bit. Life can’t take that away.


This is for every mother who’s lost a child, son who’d lost a father. Sister who’s lost a brother, daughter who’s lost a mother. For every friend who’s lost a love. For every love who’s lost a friend. For every time you want the missing to stop, remember you can. The memories, they wait for you-

Every time you close your eyes to dream.