Today Is The Day


The owls are hooting out my window again on this drizzly, dimly lit morning.
The day must be trying to tell me something special to send my favorite visitors to serenade me with their voices, that sound more like questions being repeated over and over. Hoot whoot. Hoo who who?

Perhaps this day has arrived to ask me something important. To ask me who I am today. Who am I going to choose to be.

Each day is a do-over. The beautiful thing about the dawn isn’t so much its golden colors, as it is the opportunity to see them. If we’ve awoken to see another dawn, then we have another chance.

So who am I going to be on this day? The most important day there is, because its a promise I got to see delivered. It may be the last promise I get to witness, that’s not for me to know.

Will I be Courageous, or will I hide from opportunity, hoping the day will just pass quickly so I won’t have to be more than just enough to get me through.

Will I be strong, adventurous? Will I be brave and embrace the challenge? Or will I be meager, hopeless or complacent? Undeserving of what’s in store today because I lack understanding, appreciation for what’s been laid before me as a treasure. If I don’t choose carefully, the stakes are high. If I do, they still are. There is no promise that I will have this choice again.

My answer is in the dawn. If it can rise on each new day, bringing new golden opportunities to a dark closure of the day before, that may or may not have had the picture-perfect ending; then I can choose to embrace that opportunity as the gold that it is. Not squander it, but use it, wisely. Make something better of myself than I did the day before. I have a purpose this day, that brings no guarantees of a do-over. To fulfill it, I must first forgive myself for not having done so before.

The answer to who I am today is an opportunity, to be more than I was yesterday. With the gift of a new day, comes one more chance to show myself I can be more.

To be kinder than I was yesterday. More forgiving. More tender. More open. More loving. More accepting. More understanding. More courageous. More strong. More determined. More intentional with my gifts, including the biggest one, that’s come to give me all the daylight I need for becoming more.

The time it feels, will slip by faster than yesterday, and the golden curtain will fall yet again, on inevitable closure. Hours seem short, while days can seem long. But if I’m fortunate, years will begin to stay. If I commit to using each fresh opportunity, each golden gift, brought graciously to me again and again by the dawn, to be just a little more than I was the day before, just think of who I can become.

Each day is a choice. A do-over. A new story. A different ending. There is no promise of a tomorrow, we’ll just have to wait and see if we make it- to another dawn, with another chance. The only question, starts with who will I be, and ends with what will I do with the today I have outside my window calling to me to make my choice.