A Simple Life: Storm Clouds Not Included


A Simple Life

Some people try to act bigger, grander, more than they are; just to prove that they are something more than acting.

After living in the eye of the storm, I don’t want to live there anymore. I needed a simple life. I’ve been looking for it most of mine, while fighting my way out of the storm; to see what its like after the aftermath.

Once I found it, I embraced it with the grip of a weathered storm victim clutching to a life preserver. My calm life. I envisioned it, all the years I waited while hunkered down, to be filled with soft, breezy days and slow, molasses nights. A simple home, a simple love, a simple set of rules for living a simple life.

Be something that my heart can be proud to share with the world.

Be something that my family is proud to be a part of.

Be something that others will be proud to know.

Along the way to a simple life, the storms still chased me. And sometimes, they found me again, cowering with arms wide open. I’ve rebuilt too many times to count. The community I’ve created has banded together every time I’ve been washed away. I know with enough tries, that simple life will stand its ground once and for all. And I will simply, live without wondering what its like not to live in the calm before the storm.

Some people try to act like more than they are, just to prove that they are something worth acting on.

I don’t have time to chase storms anymore. Running from one, head on into the next, wishing for a respite but clinging to the consistency in long recovery. I’m too busy finally living out my simple life of soft, breezy days and slow, molasses nights. Too busy enjoying being something to the ones who are proud to have me, to know me, to let me be a part of the community I’ve helped create.

I’m too busy building my simple life made from the pieces the storm left behind. Pieces that I’m proud to say withstood the wreckage and are now a part of something much stronger and much more; a simple life.