The Blind Man With The Magnifying Glass

Judgmental You.
Peering over high walls
Spying in on deep cracks
Devising storm clouds over valleys
Shooting arrows down below

Judgmental You.
Quick to turn your back on the ugly
Hard to turn your ear to the needy
Wrong to turn away from the worthy
Too high to come down now

Judgmental You.
Sitting atop a lonely hill
Peering down over broken walls
Spying in on deeper loves
Stirring relentless storms in valleys
Shooting arrows down below

Judgmental You.
Quick to crack underneath the pain
Hard to admit that stinging hurts
Wrong to climb even higher still
Atop that lonely hill

Judgmental You.
The view is far with ants below
Arrows stuck in broken walls
Spying down with a magnifying glass
Making excuses for a better look

Judgmental You.
Down you go
Turn by turn
Tumbling with fist clenched tightly
The storm too strong for you to hold
But you held on

Judgmental You.
Tightly clutched the further down
The glass now shattered around your feet
At the valley floor with broken walls
A broken fall by the unexpected
Amongst the arrows for those not worthy
Those circling ants in the relentless storm

All that’s left is in your hand
Hold it up, at last, you see
Staring back at the reflection
far from atop that lonely hill,

Judgmental me.