A Thank You To My Readers, I Have a Favor to Ask Because I Like You Owl Lot


Nobody at his funeral asked the number of fake-book friends he had, because every one standing there sobbing together already knew the answer. How many real friends a person truly has in life is measured by who shows up at his service, not on his wall; to honor the friendship and the tangible loss felt once it’s gone.

I want to send each of you a heartfelt thank you for being here with me.

Love with more than a profile. Live with more than a follower count. Learn to fly without fear guiding your heart. Leave judgment to wither on the ground so far below, it can’t hold you back from reaching the sky.


I’m weary of the artificial. I’m tired and I’m ready for more than empty words and empty hearts. 20140307-084212.jpg

Join me in spreading our wings out over a new movement. Share my journey and make it yours. One that takes us all in the direction of the sky, where there is plenty of room and love for each of us, where comparison has no purpose, and our hearts have room to stretch out and soar.


As my favorite lullaby reminds me, lets leave the safety of our perch behind our screens, and live outside amongst each other again.

Let’s use kindness to strengthen our wings. Be bold. Be brave. Be honest.



I welcome you to share your heart here, with me and others also looking to connect in a more authentic way, where hearts can learn to fly freely. I am choosing to be vulnerable in sharing mine, because I trust in the power of kindness. I trust in you. 20140307-084141.jpg

I hope you will do the same by using this blog and connecting with me and with others. By sharing my posts, by commenting, by sharing a piece of your heart here too.

You may begin to see that a vulnerable heart will not fall from its nest, no matter how many stones are thrown to knock it down. Nor will it be blown over by harsh winds leaving it exposed in the openness of its branches. Instead being vulnerable to these struggles and withstanding them, only makes the heart grow stronger; more sure-footed, resilient, and beautiful for all who see it still perched steadfast, poised and ready- with wings capable of carrying us anywhere we want to go.


And so it is my humble hope that this space will inspire you. A place where we can be heard and seen for our truth and our vulnerabilities. Not knocked out of our nests, but encouraged by kindness, to fly. Because love can only grow stronger with more love

. 20140307-084251.jpg

There are enough profiles in this world. Let’s find something deeper here. A journey together beyond the surfaces, the face values, the harsh winds that will surely come; so that we can rise above and reach the love waiting in the open sky. To create the kind of friendships founded in kindness and honesty, and rooted in vulnerability.



Construct a life, not a profile. Reconnect your heart.


This is the mission of my humble little blog and the story behind the lullaby of my heart. You see these words at the top of my blog every time we meet. And now, hopefully you understand a little better their impact on my heart and my purpose for writing here for you. I want you to be a part of the conversation. I am reminded how growth is a journey in my favorite lullaby about the little owl whose mother wisely encourages him,

One day, you’ll soon be flying. When your wings are big and strong.   20140307-084116.jpg


I want to make sure You’ll Soon Be Flying is moving in the right direction, so I’d like to ask you for a small favor.

Will you tell me what this blog means to you? What is it about to you? What do you come here looking to find? To take away? What is the first topic that pops in your mind when you think of YSBF?


Again, thank you so much for joining me here. I sincerely appreciate each one of you and am looking forward to hearing your responses.

Love always,


Ps. I do hope you enjoyed the owls! I also promise not to turn my blog into Animal Planet ever again.