When Will I Get There? Wrong Directions Still Guide Me Somewhere, Stop Asking Where.

At the end when you’re weary, it’s just you.

When you’ve given it all away, used up every last bit and then some, its only your voice who remains.

The long road home is a tight rope between mind and heart.

At every end, there was a challenge to keep going, keep trying, but it was not to be. The end is just that, the finale.

It does not matter how much you cared, swore you’d do, or be. Once the time has come, there is no turning back to fix what didn’t make sense before.

The long road home is through the alleyways of my memories.

At the end when I’m tired, when defeat has set in, its just me. No more left to give, nothing left to try. It wouldn’t matter anyway, the long road home is between the anger and the hurt, and is the only path that can be seen between the tears.

If at the end you choose to look back, be warned. You may find regret staring you in the face. Its an ugly beast hiding in the shadows, waiting for the hairs on your neck to stand straight, watching you turn to have just one look. And if you do, that’s it. That’s the end of the long road home. You have arrived right back at the beginning.

Regret lures you back to the shadows, the alleyways, the tightrope. It will guide you fearfully over cliffs and under water until you cannot breathe. It will hurt you. Be warned, regret will tear you apart on its journey to take you back down the road. Home is lost somewhere beyond where regret is taking you.

And regret knows where it’s going. It knows where it’s leading you. Away from the end. It pulls you in the direction of your most constant ally, forgiveness. Stay the course. The longer you follow its twisted, winding path, the closer you come; to the beginning.

At the beginning, when you’re weary it’s just you.

When you’ve given it all away, used up every last bit and then some, its only your voice who remains.

The voice was forgiveness; forgotten and betrayed by regret, doubt, and fear. It is the road home you were stumbling down all along.

Forgive yourself for taking the hard route. Going the wrong way. Listening to the other voices. Walking the tightrope. Living in the alleyways, allowing defeat.

At the end when you’re tired, keep going. Take the path forgiveness made for you while you were clawing your way in the dark to the end. There you’ll find home, lit with determination, a little further down the road.

Believe in yourself when you’re alone, lost but with more steps left within; to find it. No one else will create your road home, but you.