Be Grateful You’re not Her

She rose to see the sun but it had already slipped behind the clouds.

She went to kiss them goodbye but they were already gone.

She left to catch the train but it had sped on by.

She waited with change to see his face, but he didn’t last the cold.

She hoped to miss the line but walked in to meet the back again.

She ran to fight the weight, but couldn’t shed her fears on that endless loop.

She wanted to tell him yes, but didn’t stay to hear the words that came.

She promised herself no more excuses, but today was not the day to keep them.

She needed to stop in for a visit but the sun was sinking faster than the day before.

She meant to take him one last trip, but he no longer needed her hand to show him how.

She thought she heard her say I need you, but it was the ghost of yesterday.

She never wanted to search for more, but always thought she’d never run out.

She woke up thinking she could catch the sun, but it had already slipped behind the clouds.

She is sure there will be more time tomorrow, but.