If You Want A Real Friend, Put on your Shoes.


A good friend walks by your side. Keeps your pace. Not in front, and not behind. Because its in those steps that are out of sync and independent, where you both will learn too late that you are already gone and out of view.

A good friend finds your pace.

Real, good, friends.

Are like flowers in the desert. An umbrella in the storm. A tall, reaching branch of shade in the blistering sun.

Friends are warm sips of coffee when we need to unload.

They are large glasses of wine and iced margaritas when we need to unwind.

They are towels side by side in the sand when we need an escape.

Friends are cozy socks and good books when we get cold and lonely.

They are splashes in puddles when we need some adventure.

Friends are 8 am wake up calls when we need the reminder. And 6 am wake up calls when we need the motivation.

Friends are the hard knocks of truth with easy swings when we need some clarity.

Friends are beautiful reminders and patchwork family. They are the firsts and the lasts. The long and the short. The ones who just get it. And give it, and fill it.

What is a friend, if not an ear, a shoulder, a call, a laugh, a cry, a hug, a champion, a confidant?

More than simply a fill to a need, is a real, good, friend.

Real friends are not people in our life just to do something, have something, be something for us.

The role of friend exists to teach us how to give something, to be something, for someone else.

And so friends are, for each of us, our opportunity to give a little bit of ourselves away to another, without expectation.

We can teach ourselves what a true friend is by being one.

Prove to yourself that you have real friends by asking yourself if you are one.

Open, imperfect, honest.  Would you be your own real friend?  A good friend will try harder to be better and give more. Be a real, good, friend to yourself first, then move outward.

Show your children, your partner, your worst enemy; what a real friend is by being a good one who needs nothing in return. A friend begins with being trustworthy and willing.  A friend gives, more than time and appearances. A real friend gives a piece of their heart without conditions.

The art of friendship is rooted in our hearts. Be giving with yours.  Be cautious. Be wise. Be gracious. Its a precious commodity for an important investment. Taking pieces without replacing is not a friend. And not everyone will appreciate the gifts they take, or their own gift that beats. The art is to find those who need the pieces more than you do. That is real, good, friendship. Now pass it on. When the pieces start coming back, you know you’ve found it.

Once we understand the meaning of a real, good friend- we are one.

We will bloom alongside the flowers in the desert, blanketing the landscape.

We will shake the umbrella off after the storm so its dry and ready for the next one.

We will grow stronger and farther reaching for the both of us, when the first shading branch withers under the blistering sun, ours will be there nourished and ready.

Be a friend who makes the coffee, spends the time, and hears the words intently.

Be a friend who buys a round, pours seconds, makes it a double, and laughs along together until the day melts away.

Be a friend who brings a blanket on those getaways, big enough to get sandy and get real; perfect for sharing.

Be a friend who lends the socks, says lets sit and talk, and stays as long as it takes to thaw the chill and bring joy and companionship.

Be a friend who grabs the hand of the reluctant, and jumps in the puddle first. Show that adventure is worth the leap, and the unknown is worth the splash.

Be the friend who gets up. No matter the time, no matter the place. When you can, you must. Not because its comfortable or convenient. Be there to pick up, be the reminder, motivate, care. Every chance you get.

Be the friend who offers to take the first punch when life is ready to knock you both over. Taking one on the chin might just be the truest way to see things clearly and for what and who they really are. Be the example.

Real friends are rare because we are not willing to be them ourselves. Look inward. Treasure the ones you find, and treasure the one you make, so it can be found by others.

Friendship. When its real, is good. So good that it makes the world a little brighter, safer, softer, happier, more fun and just, better.

We are not meant to walk alone. Who is worth that walk is best found by looking down at our own two feet. What’s our own pace? Are we dragging? Strutting? Hobbling? Sprinting ahead? Is it a race? Do we often need carried? Or is our pace set for the relay of friendship. When one is tired, the other is right there to come alongside, ready to give and ready to keep going without asking anything in return, never judging the one who needed the rest. Because we all need the rest sometimes.

Find the pace of a good friend.

puddle jumping

Photo Credit eMarie  Photography. http://emarie-photo.com/puddle-jumping-apple-picking/