Like Moths to a Flame, We all need Love



Today of all days, this seems like a sensitive subject. Valentine’s day. Its the day of all things love. A celebration of this powerful force. Love makes the world go ’round. That is for sure, and today it also helps keep restaurants, flower shops, candy companies and Victoria Secrets in business. Lovers, sweethearts, friends and school mates celebrate loving each other. Whether your valentine is your spouse, boyfriend, daughter, pup, best friend, or the random person who bought your coffee in the car in front of you this morning, the important thing today is that we give our love away to someone who needs it, and here’s the catch, give it, whether they deserve it or not. For Some, Singles especially, today makes them either feel disheartened, empowered or just plain bitter. Its the bitter part that has prompted this post.

I am sick of this harmless holiday getting trampled on by bitterness. If you don’t like it fine, if you loathe the commercialism that it has come to represent, that’s your perception. For me, Valentine’s day is a sweet reminder of how important it is to share the love we have acquired over the past 364 days since the last Valentine’s day, with those we come across today, and for the next 364 until the next time our lives become splashed once again with all things pink and red. This is my heartfelt message, my valentine to you, bitter Vday humbugger: I love you. You need to hear it most today. Its ok if you don’t have that special someone in your life right this moment, but I guarantee you that if you remain bitter and closed off to love, greedy with the love you’ve already been given, afraid to share it with anyone else, out of fear you may never get anymore, you will most certainly remain that way.

All it takes is love. All this world needs is love. Cheese ball as that may sound, its the truest thing ever said. Opening our hearts and finding ways to break off a piece of our love and give that piece to someone who needs it, that is the way to enjoy this holiday. There are so many people in my life who I notice year after year getting caught up in all the ways to put a damper on this day, but I think it’s about so much more than heart candies and fuzzy teddy bears. Its about a day to celebrate what love can do. The world needs a little more kindness, a lot more love, and a whole lot less judgment and criticism. So to anyone who feels today is a waste, a joke, or a scam by the big chocolate companies, true as ANY of those may be if you choose to perceive love that way; it is also a wonderfully beautiful day to tell you all quite simply that, I love you.

I love that you take time out of your busy lives to read my words every so often. I love that you are in my life, some more than others. I love the ones who have stayed, and the ones who have left. You have all helped to fill my heart with enough love that it spills over, and I have no choice today, of all days, but to give some away. I love you haters, because you help me see bitterness as a tool for change.. an opportunity to reflect, to choose love over resentment. And change brings, you guessed it- more love.

Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples, its for anyone. It’s for everyone. Its for soldiers far from home today, I love you. Thanks for risking your life for me because you love what you do. Valentine’s day is for the animal shelter worker, I love you. A soul who lovingly keeps kennels clean and dry for lost and discarded animals because they love to help something who can’t help themselves. Valentine’s day is for the hospice worker, and the hospice patient. I love you. You are in a tough place, the end of the road, but you are here today, and that is beautiful. The worker lovingly softens the suffering, while the patient accepts that love, that kindness, from perhaps the only beings left in this life who even know they still exist, love makes them both want to be there a little longer. Valentine’s day is for the foster child or the homeless teen. I love you. Allowing themselves to feel love from unexpected sources, in spite of feeling sometimes unlovable, forgotten or betrayed and passing that love along when they feel they finally can. Valentine’s day is for anyone who has ever been jaded by love. Its for those hurt, burned, left or jilted by someone who didn’t understand what real love was. Today is for you. Show the world you still have enough love left in your heart to keep giving it to those worse off than you, because there are those worse off.

Love is powerful. It only works when we share it. Valentine’s day is not about flowers and balloons, dinners and slinky stuff. It’s not about any other gift, but the gift of love. Makes no difference how much money you have to spend, how many roses you can buy or you receive, love is within us all, give yours away today. Join in and give all you have away. I promise the more you give, the more it will come back to you tenfold. You won’t be sorry for leaving the bitterness behind and embracing what you already have plenty of. Even the saddest, loneliest heart has more love within than they may realize, because love made them in the first place, in one way or another. One could argue it isn’t always in a loving moment that human life is created, but surely love was there at some point of that journey for that soul to be here today. Someone, and more likely many someones, loved them enough to move them along in this life right to today.

I don’t feel sorry for anyone who feels sorry for themselves about being “alone” on this holiday. I only feel sorry for those who don’t understand how love works. It is not just romantic. Love is everything. Without it, there is nothing. The world stops spinning. Sure makes Valentine’s day seem a lot more important than the box of heart shaped chocolates waiting for us to dig in and devour. We all have love within in us, and we all have the ability to choose to give it away. You are only alone with your love and a bitter heart when you refuse to share it. Find someone and love them today, and then tomorrow find another someone who needs love. If Valentine’s day is anything, its a reminder. It should never be an obligation, it should be a prompt. We all have the ability to spread love around and soften the bitterness, and the best part is that there is a never-ending supply of people in this world who desperately need it. You have the chance to change someone’s heart with just a simple, I love you.


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