Bruised but Delicious


How many times have I said this to my five year old son about a banana or an apple? That fruit is no less delicious because it has endured some bumps and bruises along its travels to get to our tummies. He usually protests. “But I don’t yike the bwooziz on it. Their yucky!”

Why is it that we once we are damaged a little on the outside, it becomes that much harder to get people to peel back and accept our insides as still having plenty of worth yummy goodness? Seems in a world like the one we’re all crammed into these days, almost everyone has been a little tossed around and battered a bit. Many of us, to the point where we carry the imperfections caused from life’s scuffles and crashes prominently on our delicate exterior skin. No wonder then that these are the very skins we work so hard to polish up and present outwardly as if there is nothing imperfect there at all. We throw some good lighting on our exteriors, buff out most of the scuffs, then hope and pray from the right angle, no one will be the wiser, and will still want to venture and take a look inside.

These exteriors we allow people to see and determine who we are by how delicious we appear, which is based on how good of a job we at masking the flaws, are the only part of ourselves we offer to others to find out if they are interested in taking a bite and getting to the core. Why is it so important to hide the flaws? Seems almost every fruit has one if you look close enough. And what lies in the core? Well, we all know that- the seeds of course.

Yep. We are all at our core, just keeping the seeds of who we are safe and protected with the outer layers. The core represents the parts of us worth working down to, or opening up to, after getting past the bruises and blemishes. Worth passing on to others, and even to new generations. We’re all a little willing to let those surface areas take a beating as long as our core stays intact. That’s all that matters right? Ever have a perfect peach? How about a slightly bruised one? How about frozen peach puree? My point, all are equally delicious and well, peachy.

Plus there is no guarantee that a perfect peach tastes any better than a bruised one. In fact, sometimes fruit looks perfect, when its just not quite ripe yet.. Perhaps it doesn’t have as much to offer in the way of rich flavors, as its ripe, bruised little compadre. That guy has a story to tell. Lived a little longer maybe, or just has had a more interesting journey along the way. Hard to tell which is truer unless you take the time to dig in.

So I say, to my five year old, and to all of us- pick the bruised fruit first. Go ahead, be daring. Take the time to see what’s going on inside and underneath that ragged exterior. They’ve more than likely had a rough go of it, but they are still here, eagerly waiting for their chance to show us what’s underneath.

Besides, who knows the next time you or I may be overlooked for having a few dark spots and a couple gashes, and what a shame that would be. Because I’d bet that just maybe you too, may be a little bruised, but delicious.