Fear and Loathing to Free and Flying


Just keep writing, just keep writing (to the tune of Dory’s “just keep swimming” from Finding Nemo.) That is the song my heart hears today. Its raw, open and exposed. I had an overwhelming amount of views and an outpouring of feedback from around the world on my post yesterday, https://youllsoonbeflying.com/2014/01/07/an-open-letter-to-my-sister-give-up-youre-not-the-favorite/

and it has left me awestruck, numb, blank, surprised, grateful, humbly inspired. Thank you for finding me here. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for forcing me to find my voice under the piles and piles of distractions; the travel, the messes, the dirt, grime, clouded memories, forgotten dreams, the humor shield, the hectic schedules, the crowded bed, the giggles over dinner, the beautifully chaotic life I have been given as salvation. I am working on finding more words to give you here. Bare with me. I believe strongly that there is a reason I have a story to tell. I hope it helps one or two of you gain the courage to tell yours too in whatever way you must.

My goal with this blog is simple- honor myself, my life, my choices, my consequences, my journey- by being honest and facing some of life’s truths about my past, present and wherever the road leads me next. I know this: I love my husband and children more than words- which, as a self-admitted word nerd, is saying a lot, and I want to be the best version of his wife, their mother and your friend, that I can be. Thanks for being interested. I have harbored a fear of exposing my writing for as many years as I can remember. So with each view of this blog, when I see the world isn’t in fact going to crumble down around me after all, that people are capable of being tender and kind, you are actually helping me overcome my fears, my universe shifts a little- and more words just come. So, if you wish, stick around. Its not all going to be heavy stuff, but it will be real and from my heart.