The Quintessential Chuck Norris Post

This post is from a dear childhood friend’s blog. I recall much of this time in her (our) lives, of course never knowing the full extent of what she was going through. I never knew about the Chuck Norris detail. Although, she is and always was when we were girls, a humble gal, so it doesn’t surprise me that she kept this little tid bit of being well loved by a famous person to herself! I was about to post my next entry about the topic of inspiration. So, I find it fitting to offer you her post as a prelude- she epitomizes inspiration in my book.


I could write a standard holiday/new year’s resolution blog post.  But, since my resolution this year is “WALK!!!” I figured it would be a short post.  In celebration of the new year I met with two of my doctors on January 2: my urologist and my rehabilitation doctors.  They both gave me identical feedback: no accidents = I’m doing good.  Looks like 2014 is starting off perfectly!

Instead of a new year’s post, I think I need to write about the single most important topic that every good blog talks about at least once: Chuck Norris.

When I was a kid, I was really into karate.  Like, really, really into karate.  So into karate that I dressed up as a karate student for Halloween 3 or 4 years in a row just so I could wear my uniform.  My dad, brother and I all went to the same studio.  I…

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