It Came Upon a Midnight Clear..

Christmas eve’s eve. Here we are again. Togetherness. A time to set aside the hustle and bustle, the school and work schedules, and just be. As I sit here on this eve of Christmas I wonder, what will my children do with their families on this very day someday, far off in the future? Will they sit at their desks as I do now, penning a blog post while their children busily play a Just Dance video game in a bedroom giggling and laughing together, will their spouse read from a smartphone or tablet in yet another room, while waiting for everyone to gather to watch a classic Christmas flick on streaming Netflix on the 70 inch flatscreen hung from the wall? Will they all huddle around the dinner table and play monopoly while listening to Christmas music on the family cassette player and then watch a techni-color Christmas program on the small zenith on the TV stand in the corner? Maybe they will sit together on the floor in their one room house listening to the much-anticipated Christmas radio show on the beloved Philco tube radio that stands proudly in the corner, broadcasting from one of two stations they get that aren’t fuzzy…. If only time moved backwards like that right?

But alas, it moves ever forward. I envision my children’s lives will shape up to be something altogether different than anything I can imagine for them with my limited knowledge of tomorrow’s world. I do hope, for their sake, that even as technology advances at its continued rapid-fire pace, that my children will arrive at adulthood packaged with a rooted sense of the importance for human connectivity. I hope that at the Holidays especially, with their own young families one day, they will still remember their youths and that time, simply being with their loved ones with a present purposefulness is still, and always will be, the most important thing at the Holidays and every day. It will always and forever trump any gadget meant to entertain us, meant to connect us; no matter how advanced those gadgets become. This is my Christmas wish to my children and to yours.