Too Much of a Good Thing

Video on what’s Important

This video is profoundly thought-provoking. Beautifully done, and an accurate depiction of what our lives are becoming in this digital age, its also a glimpse into what the lives of our children will look like in a few more years. This video sums up my fears for my children’s future relationships. I see this, and can imagine soon that the main character, the woman in the video, will soon be just as unaware as the rest of the them about constantly living through an online filter, being desensitized to life’s real moments, real feelings, and the life that is unfolding right in front of their eyes. This video is so important. I feel it would be very worthwhile if every parent and every child watched this together, to help start the dialogue about what it really means to be present in life’s moments, and what is at stake in this overly plugged in world that we live in.