Handwritten Texts

Handwritten Texts.

This is so fantastic, and has inspired me with an idea for my family. I’d love to sit down with my husband and children and together brainstorm  a family mission statement with “rules” for our family to follow that help us each make purposeful connections with each other. I’d love to have every member of my family then actually handwrite out the “rule” we’ve each come up, and create something we can hang somewhere in the house. Perhaps seeing our own handwritten objectives for our family will help give the mission some life. I have long wanted to have a family mission, a guide for us to follow that helps define what our family believes in, but of course, never find the time to actually develop the idea and get it started. This Handwritten Texts post has gotten me feeling very crafty all of a sudden, and although I consider myself pretty artistic, crafty I am not. This blog really got my brain me thinking today! If you were to write a mission statement for your family what would it say?