Keep Up

If I had to attach a single statement to the current generation of children we are raising- that would be it. Its the “keep up” generation. From keeping up in social media, to having the latest ipads, cell phones, apps and mods, kids today have so many changing and improving technologies at their disposal, I, as a parent of one of the Keep Ups, can’t seem to figure out what the next big thing is, until its already the last big thing. With so many external devices,  the question for us parents of Keep Ups is how do I successfully instill in my child that keeping up, is a lose-lose. How do I teach my child, amidst every new update, roll out, new social media site, or upgraded app, that seeking validation from external places, which is more accessible now as ever before in history, is destructive. If a child measures their worth by what they have, or what they can get, what I call attention-seekers, rather than who they are when no one is looking, what happens when inevitably, they experience a time when they can’t have the latest, or lose access to the external? When those sites, devices or apps fail to give a child the attention they were hoping for, or perhaps the tables turn, as often happens in the digital realm of communication, and a child gets negative attention? How should we stop our children from internalizing these emotions and attaching them to their core belief system about themselves, which will be carried with them into adulthood, when we ourselves often find validation through keeping up.

Find these interesting links that may give you some fresh insight into what you can do to help your child learn how to detach their feelings of self-worth with their online personas.